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You would like to get suggestions for a healthy everyday life on a regular basis without reading plenty of text? Then our health tips are the right thing for you. Summarized on one page you can find information about recent health trends and medical care as well as tips for relaxation, exercise and nutrition. The tips are easy to be realized and to be integrated into your daily routine. Every two months you will be able to find new health tips.

Changing the clocks and its consequences
The clocks go forward at the end of March every year as we move from standard time to summer time. Find out how to maintain your biological rhythm.

Changing the clocks and its consequences (PDF, 448 kB)

Hygge – what's that?
These tips will help you put some hygge in your home and experience greater happiness in your everyday life.

Hygge – what's that? (PDF, 313 kB)

Spices with a health benefit
Spices that make us feel good, particularly in winter, also have a positive effect on our health!

The aroma of Christmas (PDF, 201,9 kB)

Reducing the strain of care
Do you feel the strain of being a carer? We know how difficult this is.

We are here to support you (PDF, 219,7 kB)

Mobile working – stay healthy through these difficult times!
Don't forget about your health when it comes to mobile working. Even small series of movements help you to have a healthy work routine.

Pay attention to the following (PDF, 9,9 MB)

A flexitarian diet – heard of it?
Do something good for yourself and our environment – without completely cutting out meat and fish from your diet!

What's behind the idea? (PDF, 253,3 kB)

Staying healthy in the work of the future
Being able to deal well with changes – as the current situation is making clear – will be ever more important in the future. Make the most of the opportunities that modern work offers and prevent health problems before they develop.

Tips for healthy working (PDF, 163,4 kB)

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